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Are you ready to finally DO YOU?

 There comes a time in every woman’s life where we feel stuck and/or uncertain about what our purpose is.  Maybe you’re stuck in a career that does not fulfill you, or you recently got out of an emotionally abusive relationship that has destroyed your sense

of self - and here you are wondering how you can ever move forward.

The answer? Through coaching! Coaching is about helping people to design

their desired future and live their BEST LIFE!

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A fresh start isn't a new place,
it's a new mindset. 
-Rachel Wolchin


About Melissa

Melissa is a licensed Professional School Counselor and a Board Certified (BCC) Professional Life Coach. In her early 40's she FINALLY figured out how to live her best life through radical, authentic self-care, and she wants to share what she learned with YOU.

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