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As a life coach, I partner with my clients to define, clarify and achieve their goals, dreams, and passions. Together we work through this process so that they can live their best, most authentic life.

My areas of expertise in coaching include women who are looking to take a deep dive into

self-care and women in recovery from emotionally abusive relationships. 

However, as a life coach, I am open to working with anyone who is feeling stuck, and wants the guidance

and accountability needed to help them move forward.


Important note: Life coaching is different than therapy.  The graphic below shows the differences and similarities between the two.  It's important that the individuals I work with are in a place where they are emotionally stable, and motivated for positive change in some aspect of their life. 


Life Coaching

Your initial session will be 60 minutes and then moving forward they are 45-60 minutes.

All sessions are done virtually at this time.


Do You Starter Pack

3 sessions | $200

Do You Pack

6 sessions | $400

Ultimate Do You Pack

12 sessions | $800

Individual Add-On Session  | $75

*I believe the life coaching services should be accessible to all.  If you are experiencing an economic hardship and/or identify as

BIPOC, please feel free to reach out to me so that we can come up with a rate/solution that works for both of us.

t i p!

Before choosing your package, please schedule a FREE

20 minute Zoom call with me so that we can chat about your goals and determine if coaching with me would be a good fit!

Life Coaching

2023 Vision Board Workshop!

A vision board is a collage of images and words that serves as a physical representation of the goals you want to achieve and/or things you want to attract into your life. It helps keep your goals top of mind and reminds you of what you are working towards

We will start with a visioning activity along with some journaling to get you in tune with your dreams and goals, and then we will get to work on your vision board (creativity not required!)


Saturday, January 21, 2023

North Market Community Room
4414 Humboldt Ave. N Minneapolis, MN 55412

$40 (all supplies included)


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