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So you ditched the what?!

They say it takes 7 attempts before you actually leave an abusive relationship. Seven?! Ha...I think it took me at least 20 attempts before I was done for GOOD!

Once I got out, I felt free and at peace, but I also felt like I didn't really know who I was anymore. I mean geez...what kind of a mental health professional gets herself stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship - and then goes back many, many, MANY times? I felt embarrassed, ashamed and stuck in a life that just didn't make me happy anymore. If you can relate to that feeling, read on!

I was DONE DONE this time! Around the same time, my dad gave me the book “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero. I read it, and it got me thinking about different things like energy healing, vision boards, life coaching, and living my best life! I had experienced Reiki in the past, and it was very relaxing, but nothing more than that. But I gave it another shot (this time at Karmik Channels), and it was an amazing experience! I left there with an epiphany….that I wanted to be a life coach, specializing in supporting women who are recovering from narcissistic abuse…..because I’ve been there, and I get it (and I’ve come to the conclusion that only those of us who have experienced it, truly get it)!

I went full speed ahead! I read books on narcissistic abuse and the Law of Attraction, I trained to become a Reiki master myself, I hired a life coach, then I completed a Life coach training program, and now here I am, a professional life coach, helping women to practice self-care and live their best lives! But…I went back…..

Yup, even after all the work I had done, I went back. I felt like a fraud - how could I help others recover from narcissistic emotional abuse when I put myself back in that position? But then I went back to what I had learned - self-love, self-care, and NO contact!

And here I am today, a few weeks later, getting ready to run my second virtual women‘s self-love group. That’s the difference…. It didn’t affect my mental health, my sense of self, my self-esteem, my life plan etc. this time. I’m moving forward without judging myself for what I call a “relapse.” I believe that is because I have been working my ass off on this self-love thing. And I want you to work on self-love too, because you are a BADASS, and you deserve to live your best life too!

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Jan 15, 2022

"It didn’t affect my mental health, my sense of self, my self-esteem, my life plan etc. this time." 👈 This part 💯

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